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Shoe Repair Services

At Laundry Lite, we apprehend that your favourite footwear are an crucial a part of your everyday cloth wardrobe shoe repair. That's why we provide more than a few professional shoe repair offerings, from sole maintenance and heel replacements to stretching, patching, or sewing. Whether you're looking to extend the existence of your favourite pair of footwear or truely make them more comfortable to put on, we are able to assist shoe repair near me. Our skilled group of shoe restore experts are enthusiastic about their work and take delight in supplying a fantastic provider at an low priced rate. So why no longer deliver us a call today and let us assist you get the most from your favorite footwear!


Womens Shoe Heel Tip Replacement

Avoid that cringe-worth clatter of a damaged heel tip shoe repair shop near me, repair the original heel and beautify the look and comfort of the shoe while defensive the heel block from harm.

Replacing plastic heel hints with Laundry Lite's Italian made rubber heel guidelines enables avoid slipping on moist surfaces and cushions every step while additionally reducing the noise of each footstep.

Come in shop to pick out from a number of treads for durable, non-slip and comfort.

Womens Shoe Anti-slip Rubber Soles

Add an anti-slip great rubber sole to your favourites to lessen the hazard of slipping. Different kinds of soles and colorations are to be had to healthy quite a few shoes and boots even your treasured peep feet or Louboutin.

Come into your nearest Laundry Lite to test out the right sole in your shoe the nearest shoe repair shop, whether that be our leather-based soles from Europe or one in all our professional manufacturers which might be worthy of your excellent shoes.

Womens Shoe Stitching & Patching

At Laundry Lite we determine the fine manner to get your favourites back into running order boot repair near me. Stitching is used to repair tears and rips to the body or seams of your footwear even as patching is used to restore severe harm to shoes by using replacing leather.

Shoes which have come far from the soles can regularly be repaired by adding an additional piece of leather and re-gluing or stitching the piece in.

Monitoring the need of sewing and patching will amplify the lifestyles of the shoe. For the great results, don't depart these upkeep too long.

Womens Shoe Stretching

Did you realize that leather footwear can be stretched up to half a shoe size! If your footwear are too small, shoe repair shop too tight or you've got a sore toe, time on a stretching device may want to the solution to sporting the ones shoes rather than leaving them in the cupboard.

Perfect for leather shoes, Laundry Lite has a specialized in shop stretching service for humans with ft troubles consisting of bunions, or in which shoes are pressing on feet or other components of the foot.

Womens Shoe Toe Piece Repair

Shoes can sooner or later come to be scuffed and worn after repeated use.

At Laundry Lite you can have the toe piece replaced on the way to make your shoes appearance as excellent as new and make bigger the lifestyles of your favourites birkenstock repair. Additional add on offerings are available to have your shoes searching their first-rate again.

Mens Shoe Heel Build Up

A worn heel can affect the manner you walk, in the end impacting for your posture leather shoe repair. Laundry Lite can update or repair the heel to retain the shape of your shoe and keep away from in addition harm for your favourites.

Simply go to your nearest store and the heel can be fixed whilst you wait.

Mens Shoe Protective Sole

Adding an anti-slip sole for your shoe not best prolongs the life of the shoe however also enables you keep away from accidents in moist conditions.

At Laundry Lite you'll discover a whole lot of soles to pick out from relying on your shoe type shoe heel repair. A short method, we will restore your shoe whilst you do your shopping.

Mens Shoe Stitching

Over the existence of a shoe seams can turn out to be frayed and leather ripped local shoe repair shops. Stitching is used to restore tears and rips, while patching is used to restore critical harm to footwear by means of replacing leather-based.

Monitoring the want of sewing and patching will make bigger the lifestyles of the shoe. Don't leave these maintenance too long, carry them into Laundry Lite and wear your favourites for longer.

Mens Shoe Stretching

Did you recognize that leather-based footwear can be stretched as much as 1/2 a shoe length! Don't be uncomfortable or throw away shoe repair london which might be only a little too small in the toe or frame.

Laundry Lite will put your footwear on a stretching device to make a international of difference to new footwear which can be too small or too tight while you wait.

Mens Toe Piece Replacement

If too much use has lead to your toe piece being scuffed and worn, you can have it changed to make it look as suitable as new. This is also a value powerful alternative to a whole new sole.

The toe piece is the the front a part of the shoe which frequently wears down quickly, mainly on pointy shoes best shoe repair London. Bring your footwear into Laundry Lite to feature a toe piece and prolong the existence of the shoe in which it wears the maximum.


Laundry Lite Shoe Repair Services

Anyone who's ever long past via a closet complete of footwear is aware of the sensation of locating an antique favorite pair that's visible higher days. Laundry Lite has been helping humans convey their shoes returned to life on the grounds that 2022, and we recognize a aspect or about giving your favourite pair a 2d hazard. Whether it's a simple sole restore or something more worried like a scratch restore and varnish, we can have you sporting your shoes again in no time shoe repair city of London. All of our upkeep are made with tremendous substances and include a six-month wear and workmanship assure, so you can relaxation assured that your footwear can be returned to their vintage selves very quickly. And with places throughout Australia, there's certain to be a Laundry Lite close to you. So next time you're cleaning out your closet and come upon a couple of favorites that want some love, bear in mind that we're right here to assist.


Laundry Lite can restore holes, rips, tears within the top shoe and heel lining.


Fix broken or undone stitching, a hole for your shoe or frayed treads.


Professional Stretching in save is an overnight carrier which can help with shoes which might be too tight and rub, inflicting blisters.

Securing Heel Blocks

Shoes that have a wobbly, snapped or lost heel ought to be repaired before any more harm to the shoe can arise, particularly to the shank.

Heel Block Recovering

Laundry Lite can restoration scratches, tears or chunks lacking from the heel leather as well as enhance the discolouration of the heel block itself.

Heel Build-ups

Shoes that have a heel worn down on one side can impact in your posture and balance. At Laundry Lite we will replace the heel block to keep your footwear acting as they ought to.


Often whilst shoes are left inside the cabinet for a season the glue can loosen making the top elevate far from the sole. Bring your shoes in to have the top and sole re-glued even as you wait.

Buff & Polish

Laundry Lite's Buff and Polish provider is as clean We will clean the footwear, observed through a nourishing polish to add pigment and provide some safety from the elements, and then buff to a shine.

Elastic Gusset Replacement

Shoes with an elastic gusset on the ankle can stretch, damage or come to be free shoe repair price list . By replacing the elastic you could hold your boots comfortable around the ankle and searching smart.

Laundry Lite also can update the elastic on buckles for your shoes and bags.

Buckle Replacement

Whether your buckle has fallen off, grow to be loose or needs replacing, Laundry Lite allow you to restoration your shoes and luggage.

Strap Repairs

The straps in your shoes and luggage can grow to be frayed, discoloured, damaged or torn.

Bring them into your nearest Laundry Lite keep to be fixed whilst you wait.


Broken eyelets can damage laces and tear leather. At Laundry Lite we are able to update the eyelets and even makes the holes for laces bigger if you have special laces you need to fit.


Whether you need to freshen your footwear by way of re-colouring or would love to update them to go together with a brand new outfit for a unique occasion Laundry Lite can assist.

Bring your footwear in for advice from a skilled specialist.

Water and Stain Protection

Use our Laundry Lite Water and Stain Protector to maintain your shoes in pinnacle condition or carry them in-keep for a professional treatment.

The safety prevents discolouration, water marks, liquid spills and mildew or mold before storing away for winter.

Zipper Repair

Bring your shoes to Laundry Lite while you can't zip up your boots, shoes or baggage.

We can restoration a worn runner or when the enamel of zipper now not meet or will not zip up.



As long as the higher leather-based portion of your footwear is in accurate circumstance, your shoes can be resoled 2-three times on average.


While we make every attempt to get the shoes inside and outside of our restore facility as fast as viable, please permit three to four weeks to receive your recrafted shoes. In rare instances, alternative components can be out of stock, in which case a Laundry Lite representative will contact you thru e mail.


There is an additional $25 charge delivered to the order shape for transport and dealing with, that's included at the order shape.


You can put pair of footwear in one packet. However for inner tracking purposes please fill out one facts card for each pair of shoes.

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