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Dry Cleaning Services

Dry cleaning services are mainly done with usage of a chemical solvent containing little or no water. A dry cleaning solvent cleans the floor of materials however does now not penetrate the fiber like water does in a bathing device. It additionally prevents stretching and shrinking.

Our Service

Shoes or Bag Dry Cleaning

We do professional dry cleaning for footwear and baggage in London. Customized remedy as in line with the material. Perfect completing to lead them to look new again.

Woolens Dry Cleaning

Our dry cleaning service will make sure you that your woolen clothes hold their form, length and fluffiness.

Curtain Dry Cleaning

Laundry Lite is your ultimate nearest best dry cleaner for dry cleaning silk, cotton, velvet or chenille curtains. We do away with and cling the curtains returned after cleaning as a complimentary service.

Leather Dry Cleaning

Laundry Lite one of the top dry cleaners in London uses advanced creams, oils and machines for dry cleaning of your high costly top-notch leather items like jackets, wallets/purses and belts. If you trying to search in London "dry cleaners near me 24 hours" then you will find us top of the list.

Carpet Dry Cleaning

We provide dry cleaning service for carpets with technologically advanced machines. Laundry Lite is best dry cleaner in London for persian rugs, silk carpets and turkish carpets

A History of Dry Cleaning

Dry cleaning has been around since Roman times whilst ammonia become used to easy woolen togas to prevent any shrinking that takes place while wool is exposed to warm water. Next, cleaners moved to petroleum-based solvents like fuel and kerosene which proved to be fantastically flammable and perilous to use.

By the 1930s cleaners started using perchloroethylene, normally known as "perc". This chlorinated solvent is noticeably powerful and still utilized by many dry cleaners these days. Perc has a different chemical scent, and is classified as carcinogenic to people.

How We Work

The dry cleaning procedure is more secure than its ever been. Dry cleaning isn't always higher or worse than washing your garb, but it relies upon at the garment's material and if it needs a dry cleaning to maintain its look and form. It starts off evolved on your nearby dry cleaning storefront while you drop off your dirty garments for dry cleaning collection service London. Today, maximum dry cleaners do no longer have the very big and steeply-priced cleaning equipment. Many of them will shipping your laundry to a imperative cleansing facility. This is more value-green than having machines at each drop-off place. There are several steps for each object wiped clean:

Garment Tagging:

Every object is tagged with an identity range. Some cleaners use paper tags which might be stapled or pinned to the garment. Similar soiled clothes from one-of-a-kind clients are wiped clean together and tagging guarantees that your clothes are returned back to you.

Garment Inspection:

Before garments are wiped clean, they're inspected for items left in pockets, rips, tears, and lacking buttons. These gadgets are returned to customers and problems are referred to as issues recognized earlier before cleaning.

Stain Pre-remedy:

As part of the inspection technique, the cleaner tests for stains on the clothes and treats them earlier before the solvent cleaning technique. If you understand what brought about a selected stain, it's miles extraordinarily useful to allow the cleaner know with a view to get the quality effects in the stain removal method. This is likewise the time a good cleaner eliminates or covers sensitive buttons and trim to save you damage.

Machine Dry Cleaning:

Soiled clothes are loaded into a massive drum system and cleaned with a water-unfastened chemical solvent. The garments are gently agitated in the solution which reasons soils to loosen. The solvent is then tired, filtered, and recycled and the clothes are "rinsed" in a sparkling solvent strategy to flush away any remaining soil stays.

Post Spotting:

Dry cleaning method works thoroughly in removing oil-based totally stains thanks to the chemical solvent best dry cleaning service london . However, other forms of stains are not constantly eliminated efficiently. Accordingly, all clothes are post noticed to look for remaining stains. The stains are dealt with with steam, water, or even a vacuum to cast off any final strains.


The final step consists of getting the garment equipped to wear. This includes steaming or urgent out wrinkles, reattaching buttons, or making upkeep. The plastic luggage furnished are handiest there that will help you get your clothes domestic without greater stains. It's important to take them off right away or threat harm to your clothes from trapped moisture.

How to Get the Best Results From Your Dry Cleaner

Always Read the Labels:

This one may appear apparent, but plenty of human beings pay no interest to the labels in their clothing, or maybe worse, tear them out absolutely. Your dry cleaner should usually reference the labels earlier before cleaning however you have to be the first to call interest to any unique care instructions or precise fabric to ensure right cleansing.

Don't Try to Remove Your Own Stains:

It is tempting to attempt to get rid of a stain from clothing ourselves. Avoid this temptation and get the garment proper on your dry cleaner instead. You are more likely to make it worse with the aid of pushing the oil, dye, or meals deeper into the cloth, making it even greater difficult or even impossible to cast off.

Be Sure to Point out Any Stains During Drop-Off:

Always make sure to figure out and identify stains so that they may be properly marked and pre-treated all through the dry cleaning process.

Point out Any Special Buttons or Embellishments:

Some clothes have sensitive buttons or elaborations that require unique care professional. Since you'll possibly address an partner who may not do the actual cleaning, point them out and ask in the event that they may be included or eliminated during cleaning. Ask if the objects may be reattached as a part of the service.

Make Special Care Requests Up Front

Always make sure to focus on any stains, delicate fabrics, or gildings at the time of drop off. Do no longer go away it to threat or genuinely anticipate all will be nicely in the course of the dry cleaning process. Establishing a communicate along with your dry cleaner will provide tons higher consequences which you and your garments will appreciate.

Environmentally Friendly Dry Cleaning Options

If you want to pass traditional dry cleaning chemicals, search for a inexperienced dry purifier who can provide you one of the following services, but make sure you experience comfortable with any of those approaches:

  • Wet cleansing: Water, special detergents, and high-tech washers and dryers put off stains and easy your garments, but it can not be suitable for all fabric.
  • Liquid carbon dioxide cleaning: Liquid and gasoline styles of carbon dioxide are used as non-poisonous solvents in complex (and expensive) cleaning machines that apply strain to draw the carbon dioxide via fabrics to remove soil. There isn't any warmness worried which additionally makes the process greater mild to fabric.
  • Silicon-based totally solvent: This solvent, also referred to as siloxane, is a chemical-free form of liquified sand that gets rid of stains from fabric. However, the manufacturing of the product may not be so green because it involves chlorine.
  • DF-2000 hydrocarbon solvent: Though this method is touted as natural due to the fact the solvent is extracted from the earth, it is a petrol-based totally product and might not be as inexperienced as you would select.


How regularly do you need to dry clean your dry easy best apparel?

Unless you've got spilled something on that piece of garb, you may get away with sporting it as a minimum 3 to 4 instances earlier than taking it to the dry cleaners.

Should you try to put off a stain on garb this is dry smooth handiest?

If there is a stain on a garment with a dry smooth best label, then something you do, do not try and cast off it yourself as you could make it worse, accordingly making it tougher for the dry purifier to get the stain out.

Can you use a garments steamer on dry smooth handiest apparel?

For the ones in-among instances, freshen up your dry smooth best garment by means of the usage of a clothes steamer. They work properly casting off the ones wrinkles and odors.

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